Number Of Roads Being Resurfaced On St Mary’s Set To Increase

road closed signThe Council is set to increase the number of roads that will be resurfaced on St Mary’s when equipment is brought over to lay the new runway.

The contractor, Lagan Construction, has just been appointed for the airport project and the Town Hall included almost £320,000 in that contract for road repairs around the island.

It’s to take advantage of the mobile batching plant for tarmac that will be transported to Scilly.

Director of Place Craig Dryden told members at last week’s General Purposes Committee that they’d like to include other roads in Hugh Town, parts of Old Town and the worse conditioned roads out in the country, including Parting Carn, the junction around Rose Hill and Pump Road.

He said the resurfacing of the road along Old Town Bay will be part of work to provide of a pedestrian footway to the new school.

They also want to lay new concrete at the Thorofare and the Mermaid Car Park, which are unsuitable for tarmac and are in a poor condition following the recent storms.

Craig said it will be a chance to renew the road markings, including parking restriction lines.

But he says resurfacing all the roads that need it will cost in excess of £1m, and they’ll have to prioritise their list.

Craig says they’ll have to use money from their General fund and money set aside for the Old Town School path. They might also be able to get funds from the Government’s Severe Weather Recovery Scheme, because of recent storm damage.

However it’s likely the rest will need to be borrowed.

Committee Chairman Cllr Steve Sims said there was also potential for local resident’s to “jump on bandwagon” to resurface their own private roads “on the cheap.”

The work is expected to go ahead in May but that’ll depend on a planning application for the batching plant and licencing from the Marine Management Organisation to use Porthmellon beach to transfer materials.

Cllr Andy Guy wanted to know whether the utility companies had been informed. He didn’t want to see tarmac going down, only to be dug up a few weeks later by BT laying cables.

Craig said they would be informed when the list of roads to resurface was known, although Cllr O’Neill felt that wasn’t giving a lot of notice.

Councillors voted in favour of the work and the Chairman and Director of Place will now work on securing the funds.

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