Help Available For Overweight Islanders

town hall 4 copyThe Council is looking into ways to help islanders lose weight.

It’s after Public Health England figures revealed that 64% of islanders are classed as either overweight or obese with a BMI of over 25. We’re in line with the English average. In Cornwall it’s higher at 70%.

Aisling Hick looks after health matters for the islands’ Council. She says that they have concentrated on mandatory or statistically important health matters such as school nursing,  sexual health, alcohol and smoking since the Council took on the role nine months ago.

But Aisling is planning to work with colleagues to identify weight-related campaigns in Scilly, and that might include improving locals’ access to a slimming club like Weight Watchers.

GP John Garman says islanders are generally fit and enjoy a good level of exercise.

He says diabetes in our registered patients is just over 3% compared to nearly 6% nationally.

John thinks the lack of fast food outlets, comparative lack of cars and the sports facilities we have here on Scilly are certainly factors in this, but obesity levels are on the rise nationally, and with that comes an increase in many preventable diseases.

He is urging that anyone concerned about their weight to contact the surgery.

Aisling says that the work of the Active Scilly team is critical in tackling weight issues and the recently improved gym facilities will help.

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