Air Mail Returns For Most Scilly Parcels

skybus-planes-at-airportThe Royal Mail says parcels can be flown to Scilly again, from today.

New restrictions have meant that larger packets have been put on the boat.

The recent change came about because mail users can now post items like nail varnishes, perfumes and alcohol, which are between 24% and 70% volume. That wasn’t allowed previously.

But the Steamship Company had not applied for Civil Aviation Authority approval to carry these items by air. They are described as potentially dangerous goods.

Boat carriage of parcels added to mail delivery delays and some islanders voiced their anger about the change.

But the Royal Mail has now agreed that the small number of parcels containing these items will continue to be separated and transported by sea on the Gry Maritha, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

The arrangement will continue until the Steamship Company obtains CAA approval.

The Royal Mail say that they would like to apologise to customers who have been inconvenienced and a full list of all banned and restricted items is on the Royal Mail website.

The Steamship Company has not taken up our offer to make a comment.