Return To Traditional Panto For St Mary’s Theatre Club

panto_2014_1The man who penned this year’s Pantomime says he’s pleased with the production, which went well despite numerous obstacles.

Jon Mackenzie says it was a “minor miracle” that ‘Jack of Diamonds’ went so well as there had been problems from the first audition to the dress rehearsal.

Jon’s show was a return to more a traditional panto for St Mary’s Theatre Club.

Just getting a cast together took a tremendous effort, he says. Only one adult turned up for the first audition and one adult went to the first backstage meeting.

Maggie Dean, playing the Queen, got injured but Jon says Maureen Carter was an “amazing” stand in.

She wrote her lines on the back of her fan!

Jon says new recruits Jamie Bates and George Pearson were ‘stars’ and it was good to see Roy Duncan back on stage as the threatening Dame Ermintrude Buttercup.

Jon’s particularly grateful to Gemma Reavey and Jenny Byers for helping in planning and preparation.

But he admits that he was a bit disappointed with the attendance numbers over the weekend.

He doesn’t know whether the bad weather stopped people going to the Town Hall but adds that the conditions didn’t help.

You can read a review from Steve Sims here.