Challenge To Get Scilly’s ‘Slice’ Of £700m EU Funding

economic development eco dev signThe Council’s Strategic Investment Manager says her team is trying to make sure the islands’ “gets their slice” of the £700m funding being allocated by the EU to Cornwall and Scilly.

But Diana Mompoloki says the nature of projects here means that will be “challenging.”

She says projects in Scilly don’t deliver good outputs or value for money. That’s well known, she says, because everything is “far more expensive, far more complicated and takes a lot longer.”

Diana says the issue it to convince the funders that it’s still worthwhile investing in the islands.

The next round of development funding from the EU will see the UK government combining it’s own funds into a single Strategic Economic Plan.

Diana says this means that only projects that are included in that plan will get significant capital funding for the next six years.

It’s being drawn up by the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Local Enterprise Partnership, but the initial proposal has already been pushed back by the government. They say it needs more work.

Diana says the islands are working with a consultancy called Ash Futures, funded by the LEP, to develop their part of the plan.

Projects could include a bid to improve our water and sewerage systems, which will soon be falling under more rigorous national and EU laws.

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