New Council Chief Exec Sets Out Key Priorities

Theo Leijser

Theo Leijser

The new Chief Executive of the islands’ Council says he’s started a process of improving the Authority.

Theo Leijser has set up five working groups, which will report back their assessment of Council resources and systems.

Theo met with staff to outline his priorities last week and he’s asked officers to compile reports in those key areas.

Andy Thomas will look into the Council’s committees and structures. It’s unclear whether the ring-fenced seats for off-island members on certain committees will be up for review.

Sarah Chodkiewicz will oversee the work on the processing of transactions within the Council.

Human Resources Head Debbie Rigby will head the group assessing staff performance and professional development policies.

Aisling Hick will look at the Council’s public relations and how the Council’s work is portrayed to the community.

And Rob Roder, who works in the Economic Development team, will report back on the Council’s ‘space management.’

Members have requested a review into the Council’s use of a number of buildings around the town and in July 2012, Amanda Martin warned that the Council’s office spaces around Hugh Town were “growing like Topsy.”

At the time, councillors asked for a plan detailing who was working in which location, but nothing has been done on that to date.

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