Anger In Scilly As Mail Switched To Boat

skybus-planes-at-airportAll Royal Mail parcels are now being sent to Scilly by boat.

It follows a change in mail delivery regulations which means Skybus can no longer take larger packages by air, even if they are sent by special or next-day delivery.

But he news has angered some islanders, who have expressed their frustration about delays in deliveries on social media.

Some are upset that the change has come about because mail users can now post items like nail varnishes, perfumes and alcohol, between 24% and 70% volume. That wasn’t allowed previously.

The Royal Mail’s air transport suppliers need Civil Aviation Authority approval to carry potentially dangerous goods on their aircraft and they must have controls in place to prevent undeclared dangerous goods being carried by air.

The Steamship Company, which holds the mail contract for Scilly, has not got that approval, so the CAA it has requested that Royal Mail does not send parcels on Skybus.

A Royal Mail spokesman confirmed that parcels will now only be sent on the Gry Maritha on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

They expect this restriction to be temporary, adding that the Steamship Company is trying to gain approval for carriage by air.

We’ve contacted the Steamship Company for a comment but as yet they have not replied.

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