St Mary’s Harbour Closed Ahead Of High Water- 5am Saturday

Radio Scilly has just spoken with Alan Hartwell who is in the Harbour Office monitoring the high tide. The Harbour is closed until further notice. The Quay should reopen later this morning. There was overtopping along the entire quay 30 mins before high tide and the tide was 20cm above the predicted high level. High water 05:31 – 6.3m & again 17:55 – 6.0m. Low Water – 12:04 – 0.3m.

St Agnes Boatman John Peacock points out that, on Friday evening, the Shipping Forecast for Sole & Fastnet was "phenomenal" which means wave heights of 14 M or 45 feet. "These waves are coming our way", he says. In 7 years of Radio Scilly\s full-time broadcast, we’ve can only remember reporting "phenomenal" conditions in the shipping forecast once before. John adds that these wave heights are normally only associated with Hurricanes. And he warns that sea is going to be extremely dangerous all weekend. Stay safe.