St Mary’s Quay Project ‘Stuck’ Says Scilly’s Council

st marys quay from mermaidWork to extend St Mary’s quay may not now happen this summer.

Council officer Diana Mompoloki has warned councillors that the scheme is “stuck and not moving forward.”

Diana told the Council’s Planning Committee that there are, “fundamental issues” with the £8m European and UK government-funded project to extend the quay. It would also add new freight storage and improved passenger facilities.

After the meeting Diana told Radio Scilly that the project has not yet been appraised by funders.

She says that assessment needs to be completed before the scheme can be endorsed for funding and Diana says that there are other projects vying for the money.

The build period is long and she claims that the timing is getting tight.

The current round of European funding requires projects to be completed by the end of this year in order to be eligible.

Cornwall Council is overseeing the work for both the islands’ authority and the Duchy of Cornwall. Their lead officer didn’t respond to our questions about the delay.

With bad weather forecast over the next few days, Cllr Gordon Bilsborough told the meeting of his concerns about the quay, following recent storm events.

He wanted to know whether there’d be government cash to help repair the quay if a combination or winds and tides caused damage, as it had in 1989.

Diana replied that gaining government money wouldn’t be easy and the Duchy, as quay owner, would need to apply themselves.

Council Head of Finance Iain McCulloch added that the Local Authority was insured for damage to its buildings but damage to infrastructure would need to be paid for from the £2m that they have saved in their General Fund reserves. The government does have a fund for emergency works but that is just to make structures safe, Iain says.

Cllr David Pearson appeared less certain about the quay getting government help. He told the meeting that he’d seen a TV report which led him to believe that “our money” had been used by the government to “raise the sea level in Somerset above sea level.”

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