‘Scilly’ Choughs Probably From Ireland Say Scientists

Chough 1Research by scientists is suggesting that choughs seen in Scilly, may come from Ireland and not Cornwall.

Although the bird breeds in small numbers in Cornwall, it’s rare here with recorded sightings only made in 1992 and 2001. More recently, in 2012, Bob Flood found one on Peninnis.

It later died, and its feathers were sent to Amanda Trask of The University of Aberdeen for DNA testing.

The scientists have stressed that they can’t make claims with real statistical confidence based on one sample, but “it’s most similar to genotypes from Ireland.”

St Mary’s wildlife expert Martin Goodey believes that the bird that arrived on Scilly from Ireland and most new birds in Cornwall probably originate from Irish populations too.

But unlike Cornwall, Martin says they will always remain a rare sight in Scilly and any chances of colonisation here are very slim indeed.

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