Councillors Criticise Public Transport From Newquay

Newquay Cornwall airportCouncillors in Scilly have once again criticised the lack of public transport at Newquay airport.

Skybus flights have been diverted to the airport from Land’s End for the past two weeks, due to more waterlogging.

But Council Chairman Amanda Martin told members at last week’s Policy and Resources Committee that it was a “matter of concern” how much it was costing islanders to get taxis into Truro.

She said she’d heard “horror stories” of people being charged up to £45 for the 19 mile journey.

Cllr Richard McCarthy felt it was “frankly incredible” that a publicly-supported airport doesn’t have proper public transport and Council Vice Chairman Gaz O’Neill wanted the issue to be taken up directly with Cornwall Council, who run the airport.

But Amanda said they’d tried that in the past and it hadn’t always been successful.

She was also aware of comments made by Cornwall’s councillor in charge of Newquay airport, Adam Paynter, and reported last week on ScillyToday, who says the islands’ Council should do more to subsidise the facility.

Cllr James Francis, of the Star Castle Hotel says he’s advising visitors to use Bodmin Parkway, which is only a £20 taxi fare from the airport, rather than the “horrible little branch line” from Par.

He said many people didn’t realise the alternative and the route needs publicising.

Gaz says at a time when the islands are trying to attract more people, we can’t afford to lose even one through, “a nightmare travel situation.”

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