Old Town To Pilot Waste Recycling

old town bay dry stone wallThe islands’ Council is consulting Old Town residents on a recycling pilot scheme this Friday. The trial will involve residents in the area separating out waste for collection.

The project aims to reduce rubbish by raising awareness of ways in which unnecessary waste is produced. The programme will focus on reducing, reusing and recycling.

Cllr Steve Sims announced his plan for a test-run in December. He says the islands have been recycling for a number of years now, but not comprehensively.

He fells it’s “time to move into the 21st century” and start separating at source.

The Old Town scheme is a pilot that will eventually be rolled out to the whole of St Mary’s.

The first collection will be on Wednesday 12th February, with residents of Old Town receiving separation boxes the week before.

Friday’s consultation will start at 6.30pm at the Old Town Inn and all residents are invited to attend.

And on Thursday, the MV Bulow, the boat which will remove legacy waste from the Moorwell Alp, is expected to make her first visit to St Mary’s.

Local contractors UES have already bagged up a shipload of waste, which is ready to go.

Movement from Moorwell will begin as the ship arrives and loading should be completed by the end of Saturday.

The Council will close the dump on Friday afternoon so workers can move freely and quickly through Moorwell Lane.

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