Vigilance Urged Over Substance Found On Beach

beach substance jan 2014Islanders are being asked to keep a watch on the beaches around Scilly after a substance washed up on Porthmellon yesterday.

A Council staff member spotted the pale, waxy substance yesterday on their way in to work.

The main chunk measured around 2 feet in diameter and 3 feet in length.

The beach was closed yesterday morning to allow Council workers to collect it.

The Environment Agency thinks it is palm oil, but tests will be required to determine that.

Iain McCulloch of the islands’ Council says if it’s confirmed, it is not harmful to humans, but is potentially dangerous to dogs who may eat it.

Iain says pet owners are being advised to be vigilant.

PC Mat Crowe says if more washes up anywhere else, it will be easy to identify, as it has “quite an aroma”.

And Mat advises that you should contact Police or the Environment Agency if you come across it.

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