Quay Back To Normal After Storm Damage

Waves crashing over St Mary's quay during the storms.

Waves crashing over St Mary’s quay during the storms.

St Mary’s Harbourmaster says work to reinstate the quay facilities after the recent storms is progressing well.

Workers have completed the main section of concreting across the berthing face. Dale Clark says they’re using concrete, which should be more resilient and less likely to become as uneven as the tiling slabs, which were dislodged in the storm.

The lean-to storage shelter on the quay collapsed in the bad weather.

Two 20ft side-access containers have now been put in place as temporary undercover storage for delivered freight. Dale says these lockable and weather-proof units do improve the facilities.

He says that work has been a “challenge” and he’s commended the Steamship Company’s quay staff for the way they’ve worked around the disruption.

And Dale says next week will be busy too.

Harbour staff are expecting the arrival of the vessel which will be used for the removal of the waste from the Moorwell dump. It should arrive on Thursday and sail for Plymouth as soon as it is loaded.

The pontoon has also been repaired and Dale says it will be ready for use by this weekend.

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