Somerset Woman Planning To Swim From Mainland To Scilly

Ultra-swimmer Beth French

Ultra-swimmer Beth French

The stretch of water between Land’s End and Scilly is notorious for its strong currents and choppy conditions.

But where some people might struggle crossing the route in the relative comfort of the Scillonian ferry, this summer, a Taunton woman is planning to swim the 26-miles from the mainland.

What makes the feat even more extraordinary is that Beth French was confined to a wheelchair when she was 17 years old with the debilitating disease, ME.

Beth used swimming to overcome the illness and has since completed several ultra-marathon swims, including crossing the English Channel in 2012.

She’s also the first woman, and one of only 14 people ever, to swim the Molokai channel in Hawaii. That took over 24 hours to complete.

But her next challenge is likely to be her toughest yet. Beth says the stretch of water has only been swum once, from Scilly to Cornwall, in 1998.

She’s planning to use the internet to raise the £2,500 needed to pay for the event.

Beth says the new approach of ‘crowdfunding’ gives her the chance to reach out to a wider group of supporter, and gives what can be a very lonely sport, a real community feel.

You can find out how to support Beth at her website at

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