Bomb Disposal Team Destroys Unexploded Device At Porthellick

porthellick deviceNavy bomb disposal experts performed a controlled explosion on a device found on Porthellick beach yesterday.

It was uncovered by a member of the public during a beach clean and described by PC Faye Webb as having a military appearance with danger warnings and an advisory note telling the public to contact the police if it’s found abandoned.

It was cola bottle shaped, around a foot and a half long, and turned out to be a phosphorous flare from an aircraft, which Faye says can be dangerous if they go off close to you.

The four bomb disposal team members from Plymouth arrived on the islands at 3pm, after travelling by helicopter from Culdrose.

Faye says they dug a trench and destroyed the device with plastic explosive in what was “a fairly impressive bang.”

She says the poor weather conditions kept most people away from the area until the disposal team arrived.