Song Inspired By Scilly Featured On Swedish Album

bolywool swedish band

Calle Thoor and Oskar Erlandsson of Bolywool

A musical tribute to the Isles of Scilly, inspired following a night out at a Hugh Town pub, has been included on an album by a Scandinavian band.

The track features on Swedish duo Bolywool’s latest release, called ‘Isles’, which was inspired by visiting islands in Northern Europe, including Iceland, Shetland and Svalbard.

Musician Calle Thoor from the band says ‘Blues for Syllan’, which is the Cornish name for the islands, is all about the sounds he heard walking back in the rain from the Bishop and Wolf pub.

He spent his honeymoon here in 2010.

Calle and bandmate Oskar Erlandsson are both from another island – Öland – off the east coast of Sweden, in the Baltic, and he says they have “island life in their blood.”

Öland is very different to Scilly, he says, with around ten times the population and a colder climate, but they’re dependent on tourism in the same way.

He says Scilly is “remote and beautiful” and always tells people how fantastic the islands are and well worth a vist.

The band has been performing since 1998 and Calle describes their music as “introverted and ambient,” inspired by the sounds and images of the sea.

And they’d love to come back here. They’ll include the islands if they ever get to tour in the UK, he says.

You can find out about the band on their website here.