Islanders Could Be Required To Attend Former Head Teacher’s Hearing

Former head teacher Bryce Wilby

Former head teacher Bryce Wilby

The former Five Islands School head teacher claims that some islanders and former residents could be required to make statements at a public hearing to decide whether he can stay in the profession.

Around 70 people will receive letters this week from Bryce Wilby.

He wants to know when they will be available for questioning at the session convened by the National College for Teaching and Leadership (NCTL), formerly the Teaching Agency.

Mr Wilby alleges that the Council has pursued him since he left the islands, and that they contacted the Teaching Agency in November 2012.

But Council Chairman Amanda Martin told Radio Scilly last night that she was unaware of any attempt originating from within the Council to have Mr WIlby barred from teaching.

Bryce says most people who gave statements during investigations into alleged financial impropriety at the school will be called to confirm their statements.

And he says that includes MPs, the Information Commissioner and the Education Secretary Michael Gove.

Bryce alleges that the auditors’ report into alleged financial irregularities at the school provides the basis for the argument against him remaining a teacher. But he says that has never made public and Mr Wilby believes he can prove that the report is inaccurate.

The hearing is expected to take place on the mainland between April and June, depending on the responses to the letter enquiring about locals’ availability.

And he says if you get called to the hearing, you’ll have to go. Witnesses failing to attend could be held in contempt of court, claims Bryce.