Scilly’s Register Office Ready For First Same-Sex Marriages

Register Office at Porthcressa

Register Office at Porthcressa

Same-sex couples will be able to get married in Scilly for the first time this spring.

And the islands’ Chief Registrar, Alison Gardner, thinks there could be real demand for the services, as many couples who were contemplating civil partnerships have been hanging on for the change in the law.

The Act of Parliament got Royal assent last July, but Alison says it’s taken some time for the details to be worked out.

While the office is now legally obliged to offer the ceremonies, Alison says her team are delighted to be able to perform them and feels there’s now a chance for absolutely anybody to get married in Scilly.

She says many people come here because they’ve seen Scilly on the TV and feel it would be a good place to get married.

But others like the islands because they can get away from it all and have a quiet wedding, without friends and family knowing.

Same-sex couples will still be able to have a civil partnership, which gives almost all the same rights as a married couple, but Alison says some people want the romance of a wedding.

The Register Office at Porthcressa will be able to perform the marriage ceremonies from 29th March and there’s already one mainland couple booked in for July.

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