Scilly Features In BBC Mastermind Round

Question on Gugh caused problems

Question on Gugh caused problems

Scilly was featured on the long-running BBC2 quiz show Mastermind on Friday night.

Antique dealer, Patrick Macintosh from Dorset, who has been visiting Bryher and Tresco since he was a boy, chose the islands as his specialist round.

Patrick said the producer hadn’t heard of Scilly but the programme makers were happy to compile questions on the islands.

They agree a list of reading material and the contestants are given a couple of months to revise the information.

The invitation to appear on the show was a surprise. BBC producers called Patrick after his son put him forward.

He had to undertake a telephone quiz and then visit the BBC in Bristol before going to Salford for the recording we saw on TV on Friday.

Patrick says the experience is nerve wracking, under the famous bright light, which he described as “like being in an interrogation centre.”

But there’s controversy over one of his answers.

Questionmaster John Humphreys asked which uninhabited island contains the features Dropnose Point and Kitten Hill.

Patrick was confused and replied Samson, but the correct answer was given as Gugh, which does have inhabitants.

Patrick said he was told before the recording he could challenge any incorrect answers but in the end he decided not to make a fuss because he didn’t want to appear a bad sport.

He said he wanted to answer questions on Scilly because he wanted to play his part in promoting the islands he loves.

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