Scilly Shopkeepers Are Being Offered Advice On Improving Their Performance

hugh town centre 3Island businesses who want to improve how they sell their goods can now sign up for an unusual course on merchandising.

It’s being organised by the Lifelong Learning Team and will be led by Stephen Jones, a Learning Coordinator from Truro and Penwith College.

Stephen’s no stranger to Scilly. His family are originally from the islands and he visits here often.

The course will give business managers a chance to learn how to display their stock to the best effect, and how to develop their brand.

There’s also information on how to stay the right side of the trading standards law, such as making sure prices are marked correctly.

Stephen feels that it would benefit a whole range of businesses, from sole traders up to large shops with several employees.

He says there is a lot of interest in this area, with recent TV programmes like Mary Portas’ ‘Mary Queen of Shops.’

But he says it’s not always about going into some very old-fashioned business and making it all “glass and chrome.”

He says it has to be right for the business and right for the customer.

For example in Scilly, many regular visitors like the fact that shop fronts stay the same from one year to the next. It’s part of our “quaintness” says Stephen.

And there’s a different approach if it’s a successful business that’s looking to expand, or one that needs rescuing because it’s failing.

He says it’s all about speaking to the manger or owner and finding out what they want to achieve.

The course is being run at the Old Estate Office on Tresco on the 30th January and will cost £95.

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