New Scilly Tourism Brochure Well Received By Businesses Says Partnership

The Islands' Partnership team with the new brochure

The Islands’ Partnership team with the new brochure

If you’re an advertiser in the 2014 Scilly brochure, the publishers are promising better use of the printed copies and more online promotion of the islands.

Yesterday the Islands’ Partnership opened for businesses to view the new guide and offer opinion.

It’s physically smaller than the old brochure, with photos selected to show activities and maximise appeal to active families.

Non-accommodation advertisers are promoted through text rather than adverts to give more of a guidebook feel.

The print run is down to 30,000 and all Tourist Information Centres in the UK will get one, but Amanda Pender, the Partnership Manager, says those who deliver results for Scilly will get more copies.

The rest will go to people who have requested them or have shown an interest in Scilly through previous contact.

There’s expected to be twice as many electronic versions emailed or downloaded than hard copies of the guide and Amanda hopes over 100,000 copies in all formats will eventually be requested.

She says they’re still committed to the annual printed guide in 2015, but it’s too early to say whether electronic versions will take over after that.

Amanda says locals seem to love the new design and layout of the brochure, but some non-accommodation businesses would like a different way to display their offering.

She says they’ll look at all the feedback to see what can be changed next year.