Junior Football Club Offering Training For New Coaches

football childrenThe islands’ junior football club is looking for adults who want to be trained as coaches.

Club secretary Helen Glenn says the club is continuing to expand and they need another four or five coaches to join the existing group of six.

Helen says that will help to spread the workload and make sure there’s enough people to run football sessions for the youngsters.

The club’s organised for an FA trainer to visit on the 20th February.

They’ll bring new recruits up to the Level 1 Coaching standard, and provide training in safeguarding and basic first aid.

Helen says it’s a very ‘hands on’ session, run over two days, which helps new coaches to pass on skills and make the sessions fun and interesting for the young footballers.

She’s hoping anyone who receives the training can commit to coaching the youngsters for at least a couple of years.

Parents with kids in the club often become trainers, she says, but they tend to leave when their children get older. It means the club are constantly looking out for new volunteers.

And you don’t need to be an expert footballer.

Helen says it’s but more about enjoying teaching the kids and helping them to learn about the sport.