Trial Of Locally Reared Meat Sales On St Martin’s A Success

cattle grazing 4If you bought St Martin’s-reared meat from the creatively named online shop,, you may not have realised all the cuts, from brisket to braising steak, actually came from one cow.

The Church Town Farm experiment, which has seen St Martin’s first commercial meat sales in recent years, has been a success according to Ben Julian. And yesterday the final steak was sold.

Ben says they want to expand the operation marginally, and feels that three cattle a year will provide enough for local demand, although he thinks there’s potential for meat sent mail order by post.

His systems are already in place for his flower business.

But Ben says the Red Ruby Cattle project hasn’t just been about meat. He also wanted to do it as part of the Wildlife Trust conservation grazing and to diversify land use, as a single crop of bulbs isn’t the best way to manage the land.

There are eleven cattle currently on his farm and that’s the optimum herd size, because of the difficulty in providing feed and hay to the island location, especially in winter.