Scilly’s Oldest Band Rehearsing Daily Ahead Of Biggest Gig

The Steamband in the 1970's

The Steamband in the 1970’s

They’ve been playing together for forty years but the five members of Scilly’s most enduring group have taken to daily rehearsals ahead of their biggest gig next week.

The Steamband play the Hall For Cornwall in Truro on Friday 17th January.

They’ve been invited to support singer-songwriter Ben Waters, who regularly performs on Tresco.

600 tickets have been sold and Steam Band vocalist Terry Ward believes that over 100 have been bought by their own fans.

Terry says the group have put in a lot of extra rehearsals to fine-tune their act for a mainland audience but admits he’s had a few panic attacks and sleepless nights.

He says playing the Hall for Cornwall is very different from their usual gigs in local venues and they can’t just “stumble into the songs” as they normally would.

Drummer and percussionist Roy Duncan says the venue is familiar to him as a performer. He played there when he was younger as part of the Cornwall Youth Brass Band, but feels this gig will be very different.

And he says the more they rehearse, the more they realise how many mistakes they make.

Roy’s got some evenings off band rehearsals though.

He needs to find time to prepare for a very different stage performance as a dame in the Theatre Club Pantomime.

But there’ll be no chance of mixing up lines with lyrics. He says he’s been banned from singing.