Council Candidates Give Priorities A Day Before St Mary’s Election

polling stationSt Mary’s residents will vote in a new councillor tomorrow.

Boatman Fraser Hicks and Bike Shop owner Mark Prebble are both standing. Neither candidate has served on the Council previously.

Mark says he’s produced a leaflet outlining his policies but not all homes have a copy because he ran out of ink and couldn’t get more supplies in time. Mark says he’s learned to listen to people following his first election attempt in May and he says the future of waste management tops his agenda.

Fraser says most people know him already and what he stands for, so he feels he hasn’t needed to produce fliers. Locals haven’t approached him with their specific opinions or issues, although he says waste and the quay redevelopment are the topics he’ll tackle if he gets in.

The polling station will be open from 7am until 10pm at the Town Hall tomorrow. The successful candidate will be announced after the count on Friday morning.