From Barnaby Lane To Abbey Road For Rough Island Band

The Rough Island Band

The Rough Island Band

The Rough Island Band are hoping that their third album will gain some cachet from being mastered at the famous Abbey Road Studios in London.

And St Agnes based musician Piers Lewin says the poor weather hasn’t delayed the work.

He wasn’t planning to travel to the studios and a CD containing the tracks is being dropped off by another band member on the mainland.

Piers says the band has been able to use the studio made famous by The Beatles at an affordable rate, because they’ve got contacts there.

The band’s last two albums had a ‘live’ feel to them and Piers thinks fans might notice the difference with their new album.

Piers says the mastering process will give the tracks depth and richness making them sound bigger and better.

All the recordings have been made on the islands but Piers says they wanted to go for higher production values this time round.

And he says it’ll be a bonus to have ‘Recorded in Barnaby Cottage, St Agnes, mastered at Abbey Road Studios, London‘ on the sleeve notes.

The album will be called ‘On All Sides’, a quote from one of the new songs.