Scilly’s Police Facebook Page Ranked Number One


Isles of Scilly Police Facebook page

Isles of Scilly Police Facebook page

The Facebook page of the Isles of Scilly Police team has been ranked number one in the World for engagement this week.

It’s based on analysis by, which doesn’t just look at the number of followers, but also things like how many people are ‘liking’ posts, a measure of how they’re interacting with the site.

The page beat other government organisations like 10 Downing Street, the Met Office and the US Army.

Sgt Colin Taylor from the Scilly Policing team says he’s delighted with the achievement.

Colin says it takes time to update it, usually while he’s off duty.

But it pays dividends, by reducing police time trying to reunite owners with lost property or seeking information about crimes.

He also uses the site to give safety massages, such as better driving or using seatbelts.

And Colin made good use of the internet to reach residents quickly with the recent severe weather warnings.

He gets lots of positive feedback from followers and says he welcomes the negative comments too, because it helps change the local policing style.

The page has just over 2,800 likes, which is more than the entire population of Scilly.

There are followers as far away as Canada and New Zealand, and even one in Tibet, which he puts down to a general curiosity about policing in a place called “Scilly.”

Colin says he believes the police should be approachable and it’s a method that’s supported by the Devon and Cornwall Force, which has more local police Facebook pages than any other in the UK.