Police Seek Information Over Break In At Old School Site

Old school site at Carn Thomas

Old school site at Carn Thomas

The islands’ police are keen to find out who broke into the old school building at Carn Thomas, some time between Christmas and New Year.

Sgt Colin Taylor says an exterior lock was forced and the trespasser then broke a second interior lock.

He says he’s inspected the area with Council staff and nothing appears to have been taken and there are no signs that the area has been used for sleeping.

Colin says even though there’s no theft, it could still be classed as a low-level commercial burglary because of the damage, although he stressed that any charge would depend on the motive.

He’s more concerned that the empty building is starting to show signs of decay and someone might get injured there without being discovered.

Colin will be inspecting the site in the next few days with the Council’s Direct Labour Force to see how it can be made more secure.