Fourth Day Of Storm Disruption Possible In Scilly

Porthcressa on Monday morning

Porthcressa on Monday morning

Council Emergency Planning and Direct Labour staff are on standby again for the fourth day in a row as more storm disruption is possible.

Council Director Craig Dryden says strong southerly winds could bring a repeat of Friday’s wave impact around the Quay and Mermaid car park, although the high water at 8.05am will be almost a metre lower than before the weekend.

St Mary’s Harbourmaster Dale Clark has closed the quay this morning.

His team has cleared most of the debris from damage this weekend but he says very high waves this morning are again presenting a danger.

Police Sergeant Colin Taylor told Radio Scilly that some waves were overtopping the Old Town sea wall.

While there’s no flooding, he said pedestrians and cyclists should take care in the area.

The forecast bad weather and the Met Office yellow warning for wind and rain has meant some off-island school pupils travelled to St Mary’s a day earlier.

Five Islands School head teacher Linda Todd says some students who are sitting mock exams today, stayed the night at the school boarding house on St Mary’s to make sure they reached the island.