Harbourmaster Assessing Damage To St Mary’s Quay

Waves crashing over St Mary's quay.

Waves crashing over St Mary’s quay.

The St Mary’s Harbourmaster says it’s too soon to calculate the cost of the storms after last night’s high water caused some structural damage to the quay.

The winds had dropped to 55mph yesterday evening but this combined with 6.5m high water levels led to waves overtopping the structure.

Dale Clark says there’s been some damage. The paving on the walkway between the Scillonian passenger check-in office and the embarkation point has been ripped up and washed away.

There’s no path through the debris. So he wants people to keep away from the end of the quay.

Dale also wants professional boatmen to avoid the outer berths – there are railings, wood and even a metal road sign in the water. He hopes divers will clear the debris later.

Last night Hugh Street residents were spared the level of flooding that occurred in the early morning yesterday. But a few inches had pooled overnight.

Council Director of Place, Craig Dryden, says they’ve “learned lessons” from yesterday and the Council will now sell empty sandbags from reception at 50p a bag because of concerns voiced by islanders who can’t easily get them.

They won’t be on sale until Monday when the front desk is staffed although Town Hall staff remain on standby to deal with problems.

In the early hour this morning, the Met office has issued a Yellow warning for heavy rain and there will be heavy downpours tomorrow in short bursts.

Tresco escaped significant damage yesterday with no major losses in the Abbey Gardens.

The New Grimbsy waiting room on the quay was flooded with 18 inches of water, which went in the main door and through the partition door.