Scilly Council Director With Latest Storm Advisory at 5pm

Waves crashing over St Mary's quay.

Waves crashing over St Mary’s quay.

It’s getting rough, particularly around the Quay.

The pontoon has been removed as it is damaged. St Mary’s Harbourmaster Dale Clark says cracks have appeared in the lean-to freight covering area behind the harbour office.

The weight of the waves has crushed the seaward side railings that separate passengers from the freight movements on the quay when you board the Scillonian. Don’t go on the quay, he says. It is not safe.

There is a massive swell currently and the wave height at the quay reached 6.5m earlier.

From Radio Scilly

Update on what the Council is doing from the Director of Place Craig Dryden.

High water is at 6.09pm.

The Council has started selling sandbags for 50p from the One Stop Shop following requests from residents.

Director of Place Craig Dryden is also asking people not to drive through flood water on Hugh Street as this creates a wash that make flooding in properties worse.


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