Council Says Storm Damage Less Than Feared

Damaged car at the Mermaid car park

Damaged car at the Mermaid car park

The Council’s Director of Place Craig Dryden Craig says the storm and flood damage overnight hasn’t been as severe as expected with the Mermaid car park taking the brunt of the flooding.

The surface has lifted and a car parked there, owned by Tresco resident Joan Shiles, has been badly damaged.

The area is being closed this afternoon and motorists are being asked to remove their vehicles.

But Craig says lessons have been learned from the response to last night’s severe flood warning.

He says the authority will be placing sandbags in a vulnerable gap in Thorofare, between the Boathouse and Golden Bay and will look to fix storm boards there in the future.

From Radio Scilly

Craig Dryden discusses the Council’s response to this morning’s flooding

He also says the Council needs to find a way to make sandbags available to locals.

There was criticism this morning after one 87-year-old living on Hugh Street struggled to protect her home as the area flooded.

Craig repeated that the Authority doesn’t have a legal duty to provide them to private individuals, but accepted that people in Scilly can’t just go to a local builders merchant as they would on the mainland.

He says cost is the issue and they can’t create a precedent, although they have provided empty bags to the elderly resident this morning “as a one-off, good will gesture.”

Craig says they’ll also look at stopping cars from driving through flooded water as this creates a wash, which makes matters worse for residents.

He’s asked people to avoid the area during this evening’s high tide at 6.09pm, which will reach 5.86m. That could coincide with high winds once again.

Craig thanked the Council’s Direct Labour Force for their efforts from early this morning laying sandbags and clearing debris.

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