Urgent Warning Of Possible Coastal Flooding Issued For Scilly

Storm 2nd November 2013 mermaidThe Environment Agency has issued an urgent warning of possible coastal flooding in parts of Scilly for tomorrow (Friday) and Saturday.

Nick Ely, Area Coastal Engineer with the Agency said their team are predicting a ‘worst case scenario’, with a combination of gale force south-westerly winds, high spring tides of 6.1m and large waves.

He says the morning tides, at 5.44am tomorrow and 6.32am on Saturday are likely to represent the highest risk and he’s warning that sea defences on St Mary’s, particularly at Porthcressa, could be overtopped.

There’s also concern about flooding on St Martin’s, on St Agnes, around Great Pool and Troytown, and Hell Bay on Bryher.

From Radio Scilly

Nick Ely from the Environment Agency with an urgent warning of coastal flooding in Scilly.

Nick says the EA has been working with the Council to assess the danger but he says it’s hard to make accurate predictions about the level of risk or the areas that will be affected.

Scilly is one of the few places in the UK without a coastal flood model because the Agency only took over responsibility for coastal flooding here in 2008.

But he says the Council has a map of potential flooding areas and people who live in these zones should take precautions, such as moving valuables and pets upstairs, putting out sandbags and not parking vehicles on the sea front.

They should also listen to the radio for updates or keep an eye on the EA website. He suggests residents make preparations during daylight, as any flooding is likely to happen early in the morning during darkness.

The Council’s Emergency Planning Team is currently in a teleconference with the Environment Agency and will be issuing further guidance shortly.

St Mary’s Harbourmaster Dale Clark says the quay is susceptible to excessive overtopping during gales and high tides, by the Mermaid in particular.

He’s asking people for their own protection to watch the waves from a safe vantage point and not to attempt to come onto the quay.

Dale says some boating providers have already cancelled their trips due to the weather forecast.