Scilly’s New Year’s Revellers Well Behaved Say Police

PC Faye Webb and Sgt Colin Taylor on New Year's Eve

PC Faye Webb and Sgt Colin Taylor on New Year’s Eve

St Mary’s Police say the celebrations to see in 2014 were good-natured and revellers were as well behaved as ever here on the islands.

Sgt Colin Taylor, PC Faye Webb and Special Constable Merryn Smith patrolled until 4.30am on New Year’s Day.

Sgt Taylor tells Radio Scilly he was concerned that there was a very heavy sea running and the waves were pretty spectacular against the harbour wall at the Mermaid. Officers advised some drunken onlookers to move away from the wall and crashing waves.

Colin says the local police had the sort of evening every other officer working the New Year’s Eve night shift would have swapped for in a heartbeat.