‘No Visible Damage’ After Gry Maritha Strikes Crow Rock

gry maritha 2

The Islands’ supply boat, the Gry Maritha, has hit Crow Rock  on the way to St Mary’s from Penzance this evening.

No one was injured and the vessel proceeded to berth at St Mary’s Quay.

Steamship Company Marine Superintendent, Kevin Ayres confirmed that the Gry struck the rock while transiting Crow Sound at approximately 6.15pm.

It is thought that the boat collided on the starboard side, midships.

St Mary’s lifeboat crew were called into the lifeboat station and put on stand-by in case they needed to assist. Falmouth Coastguard told us that a crewmember alerted the RNLI volunteers himself and that there wasn’t a 999 call initiated from the Gry.

RNLI Press Officer Steve Watt says that the lifeboat wasn’t launched in the end, but the crew waited on the mooring before being stood down.

St Mary’s Harbourmaster Dale Clark went to assess the state of the vessel from the Harbour launch, Pegasus, this evening. Dale tells Radio Scilly that there’s no visible damage to the Gry but there will be an inspection by divers tomorrow.

The master of the vessel was breathalysed by Police, which is a formality. The breath reading was negative.

A full investigation into the incident has been launched and the company are working closely with other authorities.

Kevin says there has been no pollution and the company are planning to unload freight as normal. They will advise people in due course of any changes to the vessel’s schedule.

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