St Martin’s Seal Experience Leads To Winning Poem

sealsAn 11-year-old visitor to St Martins has won a national RSPB poetry contest by writing about the seals she saw while diving off the island.

Charlotte Baldwin from Oxfordshire went on one of the St Martin’s Dive School’s snorkelling trips in the summer.

As part of the prize package, Charlotte’s poem was read out on the mainland digital radio station, Fun Kids.

Anna Cawthray from St Martin’s Dive School is delighted that Charlotte was so touched by her experience.

She says the poem is “absolutely beautiful” and encapsulates the whole experience of seeing the creatures in their natural environment.

Charlotte’s Poem: Snorkelling With Wild Seals In The Isles Of Scilly
I jumped into the deep, dark depths
of the gloomy jade sea.
Immediately engulfed in freezing water
gripping me with its icy claws.
And I entered the seals watery world,
down, down; down I go, to join the seas secrets.
To swim with the darting fish, glistening like falling stars.
With the tangled forest of seaweed waving up at me far below,
then I see it.
Slicing through the water with ease,
the young seal pup stops a short distance away,
fixing me with its curious brown eyes.
I stare, transfixed by the elegant creature
and watch it in awe.
As it dances with the pulsating jellyfish like a tranquil butterfly.
The seal is silent, sleek and silver
A whisker-twitcher,
majestic- mover,
The seal soon comes up for air
and I followed.
The seal pup broke the surface
noisily snorting and snuffling, and showering water droplets everywhere.
I laughed and chuckled as I watched the water creature play,
His bobbing head cocked to one side.
I felt water droplets trickling down my face
like tiny rivers.
The kittiwakes screeching their insults to intruders trying to raid their
nests on the cliffs.
The seal was so close I could reach out and touch it.
The creature delicately sniffed my outstretched hand with his wet nose.
Seal and child’s eyes met
slowly I reached out,
and ran my wrinkled fingers down its side.
It felt smooth and silky; I couldn’t believe what was happening.
But the moment was short lived,
and the seal suddenly melted into the lapping waves
Like it had never been there and was nothing but a dream.
Don’t leave, I thought,
I didn’t want it to end,
so I dived back under the sea.
The seal was propelling itself towards the sea weed,
and before I could do anything
my wave-jumper,
vanished in a burst of bubbles.
Past the cliffs,
and into the vast sea
its ocean secrets hidden forever.