Sharing Resources Will Protect Neighbourhood Policing Says Force Chief

Police light 2Devon and Cornwall Police have started talks over sharing resources with the neighbouring Dorset force.

But the Chief Constable of our police service has promised to safeguard Scilly’s staffing levels

It’s not a merger, yet. They say budgetary reductions and sharing specialist skills make a “strategic alliance” between two rural forces sensible.

Chief Constable Shaun Sawyer says there’s a budget gap in 2016 that needs to be filled and savings can be made by sharing services like HR, finance, IT and training.

And he says those savings will mean that neighbourhood policing, of the sort we have in Scilly, can continue to be funded.

Mr Sawyer says the islands, as a community policing model, have been in his thoughts when discussing this plan, and says officer numbers in Scilly won’t change.

From Radio Scilly

Shawn Sawyer and Andrew White talk about the proposals.

The changes require new thinking about how the Police service is delivered, he says, similar to those already seen in areas like health and education.

That includes using more online technologies and prevention activities.

Andrew White, Chief Executive of the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner, says this doesn’t mean we’ll end up with a merged Devon, Dorset, Cornwall and Scilly superforce.

There’ll be a ‘scoping” exercise from the New Year running until June. There may be consultation after that but Andrew hopes the media publicity created by this announcement will encourage public and Council feedback.

The final decision and responsibility rests with Tony Hogg, the elected Police and Crime Commissioner. And the public will be able to show their support or disapproval at the ballot box when he seeks re-election.

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