Scilly’s AONB To Consult Islanders About Their Future Priorities

aonb signScilly’s Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty team will be asking islanders what their priorities should be through to the end of the decade.

It’s part of a series of activities they’ll be undertaking next year to produce their new five-year management plan.

Each AONB in England has to write one by law, setting out how they intend to conserve and enhance the natural beauty of their area. Scilly’s will need to be in place by 2015.

The current plan, which has been running since 2009, contained a series of aims including maintaining coastal litter collections, promoting local produce and providing training in landscape management, biodiversity and IT skills.

The AONB held a workshop in November for partners from the Council, Duchy and tourism sectors, where they came up with a series of areas to focus their work.

These included working with the Islands’ Partnership to place the environment at the heart of tourism, and looking at how the landscape can help enhance people’s health and wellbeing.

But manager Trevor Kirk said with the resources available, currently two full-time staff members, they should “do fewer things better.”

And he cautioned that they shouldn’t spend the next 15 months just writing a broad-ranging, new management plan.

There’s scope to make amendments to the current one, he said, which could save time.

The AONB is designing a questionnaire for islands’ residents followed by public consultation on their plans in the summer.