Five Islands School Building Finally Signed Off As Finished

The Five Islands School

The Five Islands School

The Five Islands school and sports hall have finally been signed off by the project board responsible for their delivery, over two year after pupils moved onto the new site.

Project Co-ordinator Amy Hiron told councillors at last week’s Full Council that just a single snagging issue remains, with the sports hall viewing area roof which leaks.

That work has been subcontracted to a St Mary’s builder to deal with.

Even though that needs to be completed, project manager, Phil Osmond from Mace, recommended signing off the contract.

It means the council will be able to pass the lease for the school to the Diocese of Truro, as always intended.

They’ll also be able to claim £54,000 of project money from Sport England for the hall.

Amy says they’ll still have warranties in place covering the structure and fittings in case anything goes wrong in the future.

The two buildings have been plagued by a series of snagging issues. These have included problems with uneven paving, water leaks, flooring and missing lights.

In 2011, the newly built amphitheatre at the front of the school collapsed. That has since been rebuilt.

This summer, councillors had called for a specialist survey to ensure the safety of the structures.

But Amy says they were inspected by Cornwall Council building control officers in 2011 and certified as meeting the regulations.

She says most snagging issues have involved fittings rather than the structures.

However, there remain some outstanding problems with access to the school.

Councillors recently voted to set up a separate budget, which has been used to improve the Moorwell path and will provide funding to resurface the Nowhere car park.

There’s also money to relay the path along the Old Town sea wall. An attempt was made to resurface it last year, but that quickly began to break up.

The new work will make use of the tarmac being produced for the runway.

Cllr Richard McCarthy said he was pleased to see the improvements, but was more sceptical about the Old Town path, adding that he’d, “believe it when he walks on it.”