Council Markets One Of Its Most Distinctive Properties

sallyportThe Council property that was home to the former Chief Executive Philip Hygate for over a decade has been put up for sale.

The property is not part of the Council’s portfolio of 108 social housing units. It is one of a handful of homes that belongs to its so-called General Fund.

The Authority is looking for sealed bid offers of at least £400,000 for the three-bedroom detached house, which sits next to the Garrison wall.

But if you want to buy it and sell it on to make a large profit, the property may be less attractive.

Councillors have backed a covenant, forcing a purchaser or their successor to pay the Council 25% of any added value they create if they develop more than one unit on the site.

There have been mixed views on what should happen with the home.

Some members wanted it sold and off the Council’s books, to make a “clean break” from the past.

And some councillors and staff have cautioned that it may prove difficult for the soon-to-start Chief Executive or future Council bosses to find a suitable property to live in, if the home ring-fenced for that purpose is sold.

Others say that the most senior officer can afford to rent from the private market or buy their own place with their annual salary package, which pays up to £100,000.

The matter was discussed behind closed doors but we do know that Council Chairman Amanda Martin said that the decision to sell could, and should, be reviewed if the property is still for sale in 12 months time.