Cash Bid To Tackle Scilly’s Biggest Cause Of Crime Turned Down

bikes in rackSt Mary’s Police say that 30% of Scilly’s recorded crime relates to bikes being stolen. But a £3,000 bid which aimed to reduce the number of cycles taken without consent has failed to win cash support from Devon and Cornwall’s elected Police and Crime Commissioner.

In August, Tony Hogg invited community groups across the police force area to apply for a share of a £200,000 fund, if their project would reduce crime or make people feel safer.

St Mary’s resident Iain McCulloch requested funding for a bike lock and identity-marking programme. The cycle marking would use a nationally recognised scheme.

But the bid failed.

Out of the three areas of Devon, Cornwall and Scilly, only the islands have been entirely unsuccessful in gaining cash from the fund.

Another of the three Scilly applications was also bike-related. Sue Hodgson’s request to fund road cycle safety training for youngsters was also turned down.

Not all the promised £200,000 regional grant has been spent so far. £91,000 of the fund was paid to 25 successful schemes.

Mr Hogg’s spokesman said the islands’ applicants may re-apply in the New Year but he advised that the rules would be changing.

They won’t reveal publicly why an applicant is unsuccessful as a matter of policy, but they have offered applicants written feedback.

Iain McCulloch said he’s taken up the offer of feedback and hopes to resubmit a revised project bid for the next round of funding that will ‘tick all the boxes’ and help reduce bike theft on St Mary’s.

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