Rat Eradication On St Agnes Appears To Be Working

Biz Bell rat eradicationIn a little over a month the brown rat eradication project on St Agnes appears to be having a major effect.

The plan to wipe out the estimated 3,500 rodents on the island and neighbouring Gugh started on November 8th, when 1,036 bait traps were laid.

Not one single rat has been reported during the last two weeks. The most recent sightings had been around Great Pool.

Peanut butter wax is now being used at bait stations to attract any remaining rodents.

The project aims to remove rats, which threaten the breeding of storm petrel and Manx shearwater.

Those birds will spend the winter off Argentina and St Agnes school pupils have produced a Christmas card in Spanish, which will be sent to South America to inform children of what is being done to help the birds here.

In January, the team will be visiting Annet to monitor for any remaining rat signs.

The Wildlife Trust has been baiting Annet for the past 10 years in order to keep this important wildlife island rat-free, but as an extra precaution, the pest control company Wildlife Management International will do a final check.

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