Public Meeting Will Provide Information On Waste Clearance Plans

rubbish dump 3If you have a question about the removal of waste from the Moorwell Alp, you’ll be able to put it to the people undertaking the work at a public meeting on Thursday.

United Environmental Solutions has been awarded the contract, worth around £900,000.

They are the company made up of Blackwell Building Services, Richard Hand Haulage and transport company, Teignmouth Maritime Services and they’ll be attending the forum.

The event is designed to provide information on the entire project, from the timeline to the logistics of moving the waste through town and onto the quay.

And the contractors will answer locals’ questions on controlling any dislodged rodents.

The Council accepts that there are problems with rats and other pests on the site and they’ve hired Ecolab, a global pest control and sanitation giant to deal with the issue.

They will also be attending.

General Purposes Chairman Steve Sims said: “If anyone has any worries about the process then this is their opportunity to find out precisely what will be happening.”

He adds that this project is the first major step on a journey that will eventually resolve our waste management issues.

The meeting will be held from 2pm to 6pm on Thursday at the Old Wesleyan Chapel.

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