Mermaid Inn To Remain Open Over Festive Season

The Mermaid Inn

The Mermaid Inn

The Mermaid Inn will be open as normal over the Christmas and New Year break. But there’s uncertainty what will happen with the business further into 2014.

At the end of September, the partnership operating the pub brought in insolvency experts.

They went to court and secured a period of time in which creditors were prevented from taking action, while a plan for dealing with finances was put in place.

But this special protection ended on November the 8th. And at the most recent court hearing in Truro this month, the judge didn’t make any further order.

Insolvency experts had suggested a partnership voluntary arrangement. These allow businesses to continue trading and creditors would then be paid back over an agreed period.

The Brewery, Punch Taverns, which is a creditor, supported the idea but other creditors didn’t.

Landlord Ray Brown confirmed that the business will be closing next year but couldn’t confirm the dates.

In a statement, Punch Taverns said that their priority is to keep the pub open, trading and serving the local community.

They say any closure will be kept to a minimum.

The Brewery say they plan to repair and redecorate the pub and undertake work to ensure the building is compliant with current regulations.

The current Mermaid Inn lease term runs until May 2019 and has been offered for sale in the region of  £199,000.

Punch Taverns yesterday confirmed that they are currently in discussions with interested operators.

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