Prospective MP Says Scilly’s Made Better Use Of Quay Money

derek thomas conservative candidateThe man who wants to be Scilly’s MP at the next election says St Mary’s is making better use of proposed quay improvements than Penzance.

Conservative Candidate Derek Thomas says we’ve worked towards a clear plan on this side of the water.

He said Scilly appears to be much more clear and united about what is needed while Penzance has “just ended up with dredging,” which he believes should have been carried out by their Council anyway.

European funding and money from the Department for Transport is being used to extend St Mary’s quay and add better freight storage and passenger waiting facilities next year.

In Penzance there will be no improved facilities for the public.

Recently St Martin’s councillor Colin Daly spoke out about the poor provision for passengers there, claiming Penzance’s mayor should be “ashamed.”

Derek says more money should be put into the infrastructure and investments made on the mainland will bring benefits for the islands.

He says Penzance is the shop window for people arriving on the train bound for Scilly and it should be a positive experience.

But Derek says he was informed in 2010 that more money won’t be on offer until we’re nearer the end of the decade.

He wants people to start thinking now about how investment could build a stronger economy for both sides of the sea link.

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