Councillor Urges Caution Over Street Trading Permits

hugh town centre 3The Council should be careful not to license too many street traders.

That’s the view of Cllr Richard McCarthy following a Full Council debate on trading permits.

Administration Officer Sue Pritchard said they’d produced an application form for the 25 feet by 8 feet site behind the Town Hall, currently used by the seasonal chip van.

Sue said other spaces could be made available but that prompted Cllr McCarthy to urge caution.

He said people should be mindful that there are still two eating establishments empty in the middle of Hugh Town and that the high business rates are onerous.

Richard said we shouldn’t license more on-street trading at the expensive of existing sites because it will make both the Council and the visitor experience poorer.

Council Chairman Amanda Martin advised that they couldn’t have a quota system introduced.

Mollie Peacock chairs the Licensing Committee and she told the meeting that they were just trying to be fair.

Minimum fees of £700 for a three-year trading permit would apply to both the Town Hall car park and on-street stalls.

The Council won’t necessarily accept the highest cash offer. Tenders will be scored on other factors like the level of experience, insurance cover and environmental sustainability.

Christine Savill felt the detailed tender document was “a sledgehammer to crack a nut” for such a small business.

It’s 26 pages long and, if requested, the operator of the Town Hall site will have to give evidence to the Council that they uphold principles of The Human Rights Act, the Sex Discrimination Gender Reassignment Regulations and the 2003 Employment Equality Sexual Orientation Regulations.

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