Scilly’s Second Festival Of Light To Be Even Bigger

christmas lanterns 2012The Council’s second Festival of Light will be a bigger event than the first one in 2012.

Organisers are planning a week of activities to coincide with the school half term, starting on Saturday 22nd.

The theme will be birds, designed to tie in with the Seabird Recovery Project.

Locals will be encouraged to make lanterns featuring bird shapes and dress with bird-related clothing during the procession on the second Saturday of the event.

St Mary’s artists Oriel Hicks and Imogen Bone have already offered their support.

Organiser Reg Payne says he loves coming over because the islands are such a good place for a creative and colourful community event like this.

He says the last event two years ago was the best he’d ever done and everyone was so friendly and enthusiastic.

Reg says a lot of people said afterwards that they wish they had taken part.

There’ll also be a display of shadow puppets and John Cleave from Port Isaac sea shanty group, the Fisherman’s Friends, will come over for the Mare’s Tales.

He’ll be organising singing and stories featuring his Cornish herring gull character Gully.