Councillors Discuss Religious Education Syllabus

The Five Islands School

The Five Islands School

Councillors have debated the cost and content of the school’s religious education syllabus.

It’s the only stand-alone subject that the Council still has responsibility for. The governors oversee all other areas of curriculum control.

Three other local authorities are following the course plan, but Cllr Gordon Bilsborough wanted assurance that pupils would also be taught Darwin’s theory of evolution

He said that religion should be “education and not indoctrination” and wants students to be offered both a religious and scientific perspective on how life began.

There was also discussion over paying £1,832 for two teachers to attend an RE teachers’ conference.

Cllr Mollie Peacock pointed out that members wouldn’t quibble over a training course in any other subject.

Cllr Richard McCarthy was concerned that the event was in London and not closer to home, but Cllr Christine Savill backed the request, saying she felt the staff would benefit from networking with other professionals.


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