Scilly’s AONB Implements Major Changes To Governance

aonb signScilly’s AONB has undergone a major change in governance, with the formation of a new Executive Group and Chairman.

Council Chair Amanda Martin was voted into the role as head of the Joint Advisory Committee, at their meeting on Wednesday.

She’s replacing Acting Chairman, Johann Hicks, who’s led the group since former Chairman Philip Hygate left the Council in January.

Johann will continue in the Vice Chair role.

The new, focussed Executive Group has been set up in response to a review of how the AONB is governed.

Earlier this year, AONB Manager Trevor Kirk said the organisation lacked effectiveness, partly because it was difficult to make decisions with such a large advisory committee, made up of over twenty partners from Scilly and the mainland.

The new team includes a representative from the Council, the Duchy, Wildlife Trust, Islands’ Partnership, Tresco Estate and the farming community.

Amanda will also chair this committee and it’s expected to take a much greater role in setting the strategy of the AONB and its day-to-day management.

Amanda says it’s a time of great change in all of the Council’s work and the AONB is no exception to that.

She says that the unit can be proud of its achievements promoting the beauty of Scilly, but added that it shouldn’t try to do more than it can manage.

But sounding a note of caution, Johann said it was “all very well to talk in theory about new governance but it remains to be seen how it operates in practice.”

Trevor said the new Executive will be put in place as soon as possible.